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We strive to accelerate humanity with the power of web3 by developing a wide range of products and services in the NFT, crypto, and domain space.


Web3 Portfolio

Media BG Group is a collective of marketing and SEO specialists, seasoned sales professionals and coding and design aficionados which is advocating for our shared digital future, today. Here, we are proud to present to you our portfolio of exclusively devised, created and managed projects. These are our projects of passion – each one has been identified as an opportunity to showcase our teams’ creative skillsets and enthusiasms.

Digital Artist

A curated web3 art platform for new and established artists.

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Digital Artists

A Fully Integrated Suite for Businesses to Issue their NFTs

Digital Artists is a leading full-stack development and marketplace service for creating selling and managing NFTs for businesses and creators. Digital Artists aims to provide a user-friendly and reliable NFT platform for businesses and creators to define the new era of branding and engagement by creating a unique, immersive, and interactive experience for their customers.

Digital Artists offers everything you need to issue, sell, and manage your own NFT collections.

  • End to end NFT development and sales management
  • Simple drop and mint with secure wallets for your buyers
  • Fiat currency integrations to buy NFTs with bank cards
  • Real time reporting tool and analytics dashboard

A boutique, premium domain acquisition, and domain brokerage agency for global market leaders.

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A boutique, premium domain acquisition, and domain brokerage agency for global market leaders.

Ian Garner is a high-end domain broker that has represented buyers and sellers over the years and has specialised in high value, complex domain acquisitions. The main goals of the Domainer project are the following:

  • Create convinient domain buying service
  • Help customers monetize their domain portfolios
  • Establish a landing place for PREMIUM domain buyers and sellers

Our group owns 1,500 premium NFT and Crypto related domains which we are developing as part of a unique premium domain name offering.

The Last of Them

Critically endangered, dangerously cute

The Last Of Them screenshot

The Last of Them

Critically endangered, dangerously cute

The number of endangered species on The Red Book rises daily. However, based on strong connections with NGOs, consistency, technology expertise our team geared and went to the rescue. What we’ve achieved:

  • A collection of 4,440 different NFTS that include 5 animal species
  • Donate 80% of our revenue directly to charitable organizations
  • Gather strong blockchain experience, developing smart contracts.

The first endangered friend was minted on 14th of February 2022

NFT Music

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Who are we?

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Who are we?

We are specialists in various fields united by the shared passion of NFT, blockchain, and domaining. Our team of 20+ international creatives, with diverse professional backgrounds, accepted the challenge to shape the future of web3 via NFT & Blockchain related projects. And that's how Media BG Group was born.

One of our priorities is to make the world of NFTs fair and accessible to everyone. We stand behind the idea that NFTs are both the present and the future, so we aim to bridge the digital-physical gap.

We are here to stay and take part in shaping the future.

What we stand for?

The drive to innovate

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and innovation. 


The NFT & blockchain industry offers almost infinite possibilities, yet to be discovered, and we are eager to work to develop them.


Individuals win games, teams win championships.


We challenge the status quo with open-mindedness and focus.


We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.

Long-term View

We look beyond the present to deliver future value.